What do Goldie Hawn, Kobe Bryant, Al Gore, Jessica Alba, Tony Blair, Wayne Gretzky, and Microsoft’s Tim Rains all have in common? The Milken Institute Global Conference 2016

A couple of weeks ago I was very honored to participate in a panel at the Milken Global Conference. This was an excellent event with a true C-suite audience in attendance. The list of speakers at this event was unbelievable. The panel I participated on was called “Cyber Resilience: New Line of Defense for Business.” We discussed many topics including the current state of the threat landscape and available security … Read more »

Cyber Resilience: rethinking risk management

The rapid pace of technological evolution and dramatic increases in connectivity are sparking discussion about what systemic cyber risks what might look like and how best manage them. In late April, Microsoft partnered with the World Economic Forum Council on Risk and Resilience on a workshop addressing the topics of systemic cyber risk and possible approaches to avert the dangers it poses. The interactive workshop focused on the financial services, … Read more »

Protecting Identities in the Cloud: Mitigating Password Attacks

We just released a new volume of the Microsoft Security Intelligence Report. Included in the report, for the first time, is security data from the Microsoft cloud that reveals how we are leveraging an intelligent security graph to inform how we protect endpoints, better detect attacks and accelerate our response, to help protect our customers. In November we outlined Microsoft’s new approach to how we Protect, Detect and Respond to … Read more »

Microsoft Security Intelligence Report Volume 20 is now available

The latest volume of the Microsoft Security Intelligence Report (SIR) is now available for free download at www.microsoft.com/sir. We’ve been publishing threat intelligence reports for our customers, partners and the industry for 10 years now. During that time, we’ve published over 12,500 pages of threat intelligence, 100+ blog posts, many videos, and delivered thousands of customer briefings all over the world. This new volume of the report includes threat data … Read more »

Global cybersecurity policy: Finding a balance between security and competitiveness

Over the past decade, billions around the world have benefited from the exponential growth of the online environment and associated economic opportunities. However, this pervasive use of computing has also given rise to the more nefarious elements of the criminal underworld. As a result, cybersecurity is now a major concern for organizations and the global cybersecurity market is forecast to be worth US$170 billion by 2020, growing in step with … Read more »

What will cybersecurity look like in the next decade?

Earlier this year the New America Foundation organized its annual “Cybersecurity for a new America” Summit. This year’s focus was on shaping the cybersecurity of the future. Speakers tackled the evolution of cyberspace and the implications for cybersecurity. They explored and examined questions such as How will we secure growing networks of cars, health devices and other “things”? What can we do to ensure that our cyber workforce is more … Read more »

A call to raise awareness and adoption of vulnerability disclosure and handling best practices

Over the past few years, technology companies have increasingly moved toward partnering with security researchers to better protect their products, services, and customers. Recognizing that vulnerability research is a valuable part of securing the online environment, they have matured programs to work together with researchers in receiving, triaging, and responding to reports. Microsoft’s focus on coordinating with researchers has developed over time. As we launched our first BlueHat Briefing in … Read more »

Ransomware: Understanding the Risk

Ransomware is a type of malware that holds computers or files for ransom by encrypting files or locking the desktop or browser on systems that are infected with it, then demanding a ransom in order to regain access. Criminals have used high pressure techniques to get victims to pay the ransom, such as: Make encrypted data unrecoverable after a certain period of time Threaten to post captured (potentially sensitive) data … Read more »

Microsoft Trust Center adds new cloud services and certifications

The Microsoft Trust Center is expanding, and today we’re adding more of our enterprise cloud services—Microsoft Commercial Support, Microsoft Dynamics AX, and Microsoft Power BI. These services join Microsoft Azure, Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online, Microsoft Intune, and Microsoft Office 365 into the Trust Center. Additionally, we are adding two new compliance attestations, ENS in Spain and FACT in the UK. These two new certifications, added to those announced in March—CS … Read more »

Microsoft Trusted Cloud Security Summit

Earlier this month, Microsoft hosted its third Trusted Cloud Security Summit in Washington DC. The event brought together a wide range of security stakeholders from the different Microsoft cloud offerings and over a 100 federal department and agency participants, particularly those looking to adapt the FedRAMP High baseline, such as the Department of Homeland Security, Federal Bureau of Investigations, Department of Justice, State Department, the Treasury and the Food and … Read more »