Weekend Reading: February 28th Edition — Microsoft’s 24-hour idea factory, and Windows Azure and Dynamics win a spot on the podium


Greetings weekend warriors! We’ve got some tasty tidbits to satisfy both the right and the left side of your brain this week. Check it out … What do some of Microsoft’s brightest minds do in their off time? They tinker. In the Garage. Discover this sanctuary for creativity and problem solving that harkens back to Microsoft’s start-up roots in a highly illustrative, interactive piece, straight from the imagination of the … Read more »

Los Angeles Unified School District chooses Office 365 for faculty and staff

The Los Angeles Unified School District, the second-largest school district in the U.S., has selected Office 365 as its faculty and staff email solution. The district chose Office 365 for its reliability, flexibility and security features, as well as the opportunity to reduce the amount of time the district’s IT team spends on maintaining its infrastructure. “With Office 365, we are supported by an integrated communication and collaboration platform that … Read more »

Windows Azure, Microsoft Dynamics and Enterprise Services earn a place on the podium at the Winter Games


About 100,000 people visited Microsoft Technology Hall during the XXII Winter Olympic Games in the Olympic Park, featuring the latest Windows 8.1 devices for anyone to try. Many records were broken at the Winter Games, but Microsoft can claim some credit for helping to break at least one more: The largest-ever audience on an authenticated stream for any sporting event in history. More than 2.1 million people tuned in to … Read more »

Windows Azure services now generally available in new Japan cloud region

Less than a year ago, we announced Windows Azure services for Japan to support the growing demand for Microsoft’s cloud services. I am pleased to share that Windows Azure in Japan East (Saitama Prefecture) and Japan West (Osaka Prefecture), will be generally available later Tuesday. Japan’s cloud market has grown considerably in the last few years and this growth is only expected to increase, with the projected 2014 forecast estimated … Read more »

Wonder what the innovators do in their off time? They tinker. In The Garage.


Some of the company’s – if not the world’s – brightest minds don’t just turn off when the workday is done. They head to The Garage, a sanctuary for creativity and problem solving that harkens back to Microsoft’s start-up roots. It’s here, fueled by Manny’s and pepperoni pizza, that that the Mouse Without Borders was born, and the idea for the forgotten Outlook attachment reminder was hatched. Sam Trim, a … Read more »

Microsoft and its partners showcase mobility solutions at HIMSS14 Annual Conference & Exhibition

The following post is from Dr. Dennis Schmuland, Chief Health Strategy Officer, U.S. Health and Life Sciences, Microsoft. This week, we are at the Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society’s (HIMSS) 2014 Annual Conference & Exhibition in Orlando, Fla., showing off the innovative ways our partners and customers are using technology to transform the healthcare industry. With the use of mobile devices, social apps, cloud services, and big data and … Read more »

Mobile World Congress, Microsoft and Nokia

Mobile World Congress is in full swing in Barcelona this week, one of the biggest events of the year for the mobile industry. I love Barcelona, and am sad to miss MWC this year. There is something about the combination of the history and tradition of Barcelona past and the energy and innovation of Barcelona present, with all the attendees of MWC a punctuation mark. And there is always something … Read more »

Weekend Reading: Feb. 21st Edition — Your personal cloud is now OneDrive, and Microsoft Dynamics CRM to add marketing capabilities


In this edition of Weekend Reading, we’ve got stories about free cloud storage OneDrive being globally available, Microsoft Dynamics CRM adding more capabilities to deliver even better customer service, and new and updated Bing apps for Windows Phone. Who knew moving day could be so easy? Microsoft’s free cloud storage, OneDrive, became available this week. Existing SkyDrive customers only need to head over to OneDrive.com and log in to get … Read more »

Free OneDrive cloud storage now available worldwide for Microsoft, iOS and Android devices

It’s moving day, with free cloud storage OneDrive now globally available — but you don’t have to do a thing. Existing SkyDrive customers are all set: Your files are ready in the new OneDrive, writes Chris Jones on The OneDrive Blog. “All you have to do is head over to OneDrive.com and log in.” You’ll find some changes, ones we think you’ll like. “We’re rolling out several new capabilities, including automatic … Read more »

From unified to universal, the next stage for communications

It’s great to be in Las Vegas today with almost 2,000 customers, partners and industry professionals for the first day of our second annual Lync Conference. This is my first public appearance since taking over responsibility for Microsoft’s communications business, and as someone involved in Lync since its inception, it is awesome to be able to see first-hand the excitement in the room. When we launched Lync in 2010, we … Read more »