The Midweek Download: May 30th Edition–Kinect Gets Accelerated and Herbalife Chooses Windows Azure

In this edition of The Midweek Download, we’ve got stories about the Kinect Accelerator, Herbalife’s decision to host its global distributors’ websites on Windows Azure and the impacts of Windows XP migration. Kinect for Windows get accelerated in Seattle. The Kinect Accelerator has been getting a lot press in the last few weeks and rightly so as the 11 startups housed at our Westlake, Seattle office are cranking out some … Read more »

Weekend Reading: May 25th Edition–Catching Up With Steve Ballmer in Asia, plus Office 365, Windows Phone, Skype and More


In this edition of Weekend Reading, we’ve got stories about Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer’s trip to Asia, a new agreement between Microsoft and the Vatican that will bring Office 365 to millions of students and the new Facebook app for Windows Phone now in Marketplace. Steve Ballmer highlights opportunities in Asia. Steve Ballmer was in Asia this week, speaking at events in Japan, China, Korea and India. Developers, customers, partners … Read more »

More than 4.5 million Catholic School Students to Receive Microsoft Office 365 for Education

Today, the Catholic International Education Office (OIEC) took an exciting step toward delivering a brighter future for Catholic students around the world, demonstrating there is no greater resource to invest in than that of youth. Recognizing changes were needed to provide their students with the 21st century skills they’ll need in their future careers, OIEC is partnering with Microsoft to bring Office 365 and other resources to more than 200,000 … Read more »

The Midweek Download: May 23rd Edition–Kinect for Windows 1.5 Released, Microsoft Research Breaks a Data Speed Record plus Windows Phone, Windows 8 and Bing


In this edition of The Midweek Download, we’ve got stories on the release of Kinect for Windows 1.5, Microsoft Research, some gorgeous ultra-thin laptops from HP and Lenovo and more. Kinect for Windows 1.5 released with face tracking SDK and more. Since the Kinect for Windows sensor and SDK arrived, the team has been adding more features and countries in which the product is available at a fair old clip. … Read more »

Weekend Reading: May 18th Edition–IE9 Powers “Prometheus” and “Brandon Generator” Experiences, Three Hot Windows Phone Apps & Skype Rolls Out on Xfinity in 10 Markets


In this edition of Weekend Reading, we’ve got stories on two awesome HTML5 experiences powered by Internet Explorer, three gorgeous new apps for Windows Phone, Skype rolling out on Xfinity in 10 markets and much, much more. Don’t miss any of them! “Prometheus” and Brandon Generator – two HTML5 experiences powered by Internet Explorer. In preparation for the upcoming film Prometheus (in theaters on June 8), Weyland Industries is accepting … Read more »

Midweek Download, May 16: Bing Updates Begin Rolling out, New Apps/SDKs for Windows Phone and Deep Dives on Windows 8 Features


In this edition of The Midweek Download, we’ve got stories on big updates for Bing, some new apps for Windows Phone and some previews of what you’ll see from Windows 8 and IE10.  Bing Updates Available for Test Drive. You may have heard last week about some big updates coming to Bing that we think will provide you a new and exciting way to search. The new features began to … Read more »

Weekend Reading, May 11 Edition: ‘New’ Bing Unveiled, App/Device News from Windows Phone and Tell Mom She Rocks with Skype


It was a busy week for the company, as Bing announced some exciting new features in their most significant update since they launched three years ago. We heard about a great new Windows Phone from Samsung and a very cool new augmented reality app from Nokia. And, of course, Mother’s Day approaches, so some advice from Skype on how to make the day special for mom. The “New” Bing Unveiled: … Read more »

Xbox 360: Number One Selling Console in U.S. for 16th Consecutive Month


Xbox 360 continues to hold the number one spot in the U.S., selling more units in April than any other console. This marks the 16th consecutive month that XBox 360 has been the best-selling console in the U.S. Below is a screen shot of Kinect Star Wars, the number one game title in the U.S. in April, according to NPD Group. NPD highlights from April include: Holding 47 percent share … Read more »

The Midweek Download: May 9th Edition–Microsoft Research on Display at CHI 2012, More Windows 8 News, a Windows Phone Case Study, plus Metro Style Apps in Windows 8 & More

In this edition of The Midweek Download, we’ve got stories on Microsoft Research at CHI 2012, the future of Windows Media Center on Windows 8, and creating rich mobile Web experiences on Windows Phone 7.5, just to name a few. Check ‘em out. Microsoft Research at CHI 2012. The ACM SIGCHI Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems is taking place this week in Austin, Texas. It’s more well known … Read more »