Windows Azure and Info-Plosion: Technical computing in the cloud for scientific breakthroughs

Today Microsoft and Japan’s National Institute of Informatics (NII) announced  a joint program that will give university researchers free access to Windows Azure cloud computing resources for the “Info-Plosion Project.”  This project is aimed at developing new and better ways to retrieve information and follows a similar agreement with the National Science Foundation to provide researchers with Windows Azure resources for scientific technical computing. These cloud research engagement projects are … Read more »

Why Microsoft cares about education and what we are doing about it

With the release of “Waiting for ‘Superman,’” the topics of education reform and the quality of U.S. public schools are getting mainstream attention. A lot of news headlines and opinions abound about what are the right and wrong solutions to fixing our classrooms and raising student outcomes and who to blame for the problems. It’s what the education community has been talking about for decades, and I’m pleased to see … Read more »

At Advertising Week, Making Ads Entertaining

If you’re into advertising, New York City is the most exciting place to be on the planet today as Advertising Week kicks off!  And even though I’ve been here many times before with Viacom and MTV Networks, this is my first with Microsoft.  There has never been a more exciting time to be in our business. Consumers are in control and engaging and participating with brands in a totally different way.  … Read more »

Microsoft’s NGO Software License

  During the past week we’ve been working hard to put in place the action steps we announced to prevent NGOs from falling victim to actions taken in the guise of anti-piracy enforcement.  To ensure that we undertake a comprehensive and thorough approach to this challenge, I have asked Nancy Anderson, Microsoft’s Deputy General Counsel and Corporate Vice President responsible for delivering legal services to Microsoft subsidiaries around the world, to … Read more »

Make Your Own Kind of Music – On a Windows PC

Recently, a few of us had the chance to spend some time with Windows DJ Darek Mazzone during his weekly modern global music show “Wo’ Pop” on KEXP, a radio station broadcasting in Seattle, New York and worldwide on the Web. We crammed into the small DJ booth to watch Mazzone and his crew work. While Mazzone queued up his song selections, show assistants Brenda Tausch, Liza Zinina and Rebecca … Read more »

Modeling the world…continued.

In May we introduced the Technical Computing initiative at Microsoft. This initiative is focused on empowering a broader group of people in academia, business and government to solve some of the world’s biggest challenges. Our aim is mainstream technical computing with tools, platforms and services that take advantage of computing power across the desktop, servers and the cloud. You can learn more about our technical computing effort and see videos … Read more »

Getting Ready for OpenWorld?

Lately, when speaking with our partners, I have been struck by how often I’ve heard that customers of ours, like The Linc Group, end up choosing Microsoft Dynamics after considering Oracle solutions. This got me thinking about Oracle customers preparing to head to OpenWorld to get up to speed on Fusion Applications.   If I were attending OpenWorld, and hoping to learn more about Fusion, here are a few questions that … Read more »

Anti-Piracy Enforcement and NGOs

A story in yesterday’s New York Times reports on anti-piracy enforcement actions in Russia that have been used for more nefarious purposes than protecting intellectual property rights.  As General Counsel for Microsoft, it was not the type of story that felt good to read.  It described instances in which authorities had used piracy charges concerning Microsoft software to confiscate computers and harass non-governmental organizations (NGOs) and others engaged in public advocacy.  … Read more »