Imagine Cup 2010: Games Could Change the World

Computer gaming is perhaps the most powerful and influential communications media of our time. More money is spent and made in the video game industry than all other media combined. The recent E3 convention in Los Angeles supports this notion. The conference, where the world’s heavyweights in the game industry came together to demonstrate “what’s next,” showed that without a doubt, gaming and game hardware serve an integral part of … Read more »

Cloud computing in healthcare – private, public, or somewhere in between

(Last in a series of Microsoft Blog posts about the cloud in vertical industries. Today: Healthcare.) Just about everyone I know in healthcare is asking the same question: “What can cloud computing do for me?” My answer: Plenty. Cloud computing promises enormous benefits for healthcare world. These could include improved patient care, better health for the overall populations providers serve, and new delivery models that will make healthcare more efficient … Read more »

Microsoft’s Support Sets Us Apart

I’ve found that most customers think about the services and support offerings available for a product only when they truly need it. Support is often “out of sight, out of mind” for many customers. But, as the leader of Microsoft’s customer service and support team,  I know through my conversations with friends, family, and with many of our largest customers that once they do need help, they are glad that … Read more »

Microsoft by the numbers

[UPDATE: We made an error in the reported figure for Apple’s Net Income in our original post – the cited source had the correct number but we somehow got a wrong number into the body of my post. This post has been updated with the correct figure.] You probably saw the news this week that we’ve sold 150 million Windows 7 licenses in 8 months. That’s more than 600,000 per … Read more »

Cloud Computing is a Perfect Fit for Retailers

(Third in a series of Microsoft blog posts about the cloud in vertical industries. Today: Retail) Retailers today are working to do more with less. And for retailers seeking to get big results with minimal resources, cloud computing is beginning to look like a miracle. In a recent Microsoft-commissioned survey of about 3,000 business decision-makers across the United States, nearly half of the respondents (48 percent) from the retail industry … Read more »

Collaboration Is Job No. 1 in Manufacturing

(Second in a series of Microsoft Blog posts about the cloud in specific industries. Today: Manufacturing.) These days, manufacturers have their heads in the cloud. Cloud computing promises to drastically improve the ability of companies and their customers to drive modern product design and development. Collaboration isn’t new to manufacturing — it has long been essential. But it’s no secret that collaborative processes have tended toward the awkward and time-consuming. … Read more »

Wall Street’s Real Fuel for Positive Change: Cloud Computing

(First in a series of Microsoft Blog posts about the cloud in specific industries. Today: Financial Services.) Financial services firms have never been shy about using technology. They have long pushed the envelope for more speed and more sophisticated models for business operations. Now they’re getting ready to leap to the next generation of IT: cloud computing. We view the cloud as a fundamentally disruptive technology for financial services. While … Read more »

IP Ventures Helps a Dublin Financial Startup

In 2008, the financial markets changed fundamentally and completely. The causes will be debated and they of course predate the collapse. But there is no argument that the summer of 2008 is when the market certainties that had prevailed since 1945 evaporated.   Patrick Brazel It was at this time that my business partner and I had been working on a plan to address what we saw as a huge … Read more »

Tech●Ed 2010 Shows the Value of Microsoft MVPs

Earlier this month members of my team attended Tech●Ed 2010 in New Orleans, an event where we share our training and expertise with IT professionals. It’s an event that’s not only energizing, it also reminds me of the importance of connecting with community leaders on a global scale. During the event, we had great opportunities to meet with Microsoft’s Most Valuable Professionals (MVPs). Those are exceptional members of the technical community who … Read more »

Weekend Reading: Kinect, Office 2010 Highlight Big Week

People don’t always realize the astonishing breadth of Microsoft’s technology footprint. Certainly, this past week demonstrated that big shoe. Over Sunday and Monday, for instance, we unveiled what we believe is the future of electronic gaming – Kinect, our controller-free gaming device, and a new Xbox 360. Plus a bunch of new games that take advantage of both the Kinect and Xbox 360. Go here for great coverage of all … Read more »