Weekend Reading: Taking the Cloud to Campus

Universities are under a lot of pressure these days. They need to cut costs, deliver great services to a demanding audience of faculty, students and staff, and provide the reliability and security of a major enterprise. So we were happy to learn this week that the University of Arizona has selected our Microsoft Business Productivity Online Suite to provide key productivity and collaboration tools for its campus in Tucson. They’ll … Read more »

Beyond Beta: Microsoft Tag Takes Off

Eighteen months ago we launched Microsoft Tag, our mobile barcode technology. Since then more than 1 billion Tags have been printed by people and businesses all over the world. In the month of April alone, more than 20 million magazines with Tags were in the hands of U.S. consumers. Today we’re announcing that Tag is coming out of beta and that basic use of Tags will be free of charge. … Read more »

“If you want to change the world with technology…”

By now, most people have seen the org news we announced on Tuesday morning, and some of the resulting coverage and opinion.  As I talked to people about the news today, there were a couple of questions that kept coming up: Isn’t Robbie a bit young to retire? (he’s 48, and has been at the company for 22 years, ever since he got out of grad school… at internet speed, … Read more »

Microsoft’s NERD Center is Expanding in Cambridge, Mass.

Nearly three years ago, I moved to Boston from Redmond to pursue my work with Microsoft as a user-experience (UX) designer in a place closer to family. When I first got to One Memorial Drive, I was stuck in a little first-floor cubicle. I could get my work done, but it wasn’t the most inspiring workplace. But that changed quickly. Within a year, our small Unified Communications team moved to … Read more »

Connected Health Conference Shows the Future of Health Care

Last Thursday we wrapped up this year’s Connected Health Conference, held in downtown Bellevue, Wash. It’s where we get together with a few hundred customers, partners, thought leaders from the industry, policy makers — and talk about the health care industry and the kind of positive change and innovation that’s happening.  I like to think of it as a “community of Innovators.” We’re seeing real progress.  At last year’s conference, … Read more »

Weekend Reading: Visit from a Queen

We had some important visitors this week – Timothy Geithner, the U.S. Treasury Secretary; Jeff Bezos, the CEO of Amazon.com; and Warren Buffet, an investor and philanthropist you may have heard of….  They were all her for Microsoft’s 14th annual CEO Summit, which brought together about 125 leaders from around the world to talk about business, technology and the economy. We’re used to seeing important leaders from business, industry and … Read more »

Accelerating Change – We Can’t Do It Alone

On Thursday we hosted our first citizenship “Accelerator Summit,” a day of open discussion on our corporate citizenship efforts. The conversation was based on how technology and partnerships can accelerate change on social and economic issues.  The event included a variety of different sessions related to workforce development, education, environment, online safety, and the role of technology in the non-profit community. It was attended by government and nongovernmental partners, academics, … Read more »

Education Technology – Changing the Nature of Education, and Building a Bridge to Tomorrow

Editor’s note: The following is a guest post from Kelly Walsh, author of EmergingEdTech.com. I write about Education Technology, and oversee a department that implements and supports it in a small private college in New York.  Education technology is something that I’m passionate about, especially when I think about the many ways that it can engage and inspire today’s students. There is enormous potential for emerging technologies to positively affect … Read more »

Partners Find Value with Microsoft’s Cloud Apps

Today, we are announcing a new alliance with Capgemini that will bring the Microsoft Business Productivity Online Suite (BPOS), our cloud service for communication and collaboration, to Capgemini’s worldwide clients as part of their new Infostructure Transformation Services. This news already is gaining traction with our customers. One example is C10, a French consumer-products distributor that has adopted BPOS for its entire organization. It did so because BPOS could deliver the … Read more »

Your Inbox Re-Invented: A First Look at the New Windows Live Hotmail

It’s amazing to think about how much we all rely on email in our personal and professional lives. And email today is about much more than sending written notes to your family, friends and coworkers. These days messages contain photos, videos, web links, shared documents, shared maps – there’s no end to the variety of email’s uses. And because email is changing, so is Hotmail. We’ve made some big changes … Read more »