Weekend Reading for Feb 27/28: Office in the Cloud, Botnets and What Language Do You Speak?

Our big news this week was The Wall Street Journal’s story [WSJ subscription required] about a team of Microsoft employees who developed a terrific new way to take down “botnets,” some of the nastiest customers on the Internet. If you haven’t read it take a look, or watch the video on the Microsoft News Center. There was plenty of other stuff happening that you might have missed:  Lending a helping … Read more »

Deploying the Power of IT to Improve Health Care

On a recent visit to Tennessee, Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer participated in a panel discussion (you can see part of the discussion in the video below and more of the discussion here) hosted by the Nashville Health Care Council. Asked a question about how technology can make a difference in health, Ballmer said: “We look at the health care industry and say, ‘It’s not working.’ Yet more than most industries, it is all about … Read more »

Cracking Down on Botnets

Botnets – networks of compromised computers controlled by hackers known as “bot-herders” – have become a serious problem in cyberspace.  Their proliferation has led some to worry that the botnet problem is unsolvable.  Under the control of a hacker or group of hackers, botnets are often used to conduct various attacks ranging from denial of service attacks on websites, to spamming, click fraud, and distribution of new forms of malicious … Read more »

U.S. Surgeon General Announces Connection with Microsoft HealthVault

At Microsoft, we like to say healthcare is fundamentally a data issue – who has it, who has access to it, when do you utilize it and what can it tell you that you didn’t know 10 minutes ago. As a provider, you can’t make the right treatment decisions without the right information. By the same token, as a patient, you can’t learn how to stay healthy without the right … Read more »

Windows MultiPoint Server 2010 Brings Affordable Computing to Classrooms Everywhere

We’re happy today to announce the global launch of Windows MultiPoint Server 2010, available for purchase by schools and educational institutions around the world.    We‘re seeing quite a bit of enthusiasm from our customers and partners around the world (you can watch some of them in the video below) for Windows MultiPoint Server 2010, a new Windows product that increases access to affordable computing in educational scenarios like classrooms, … Read more »

Reducing Energy Costs with Microsoft Hohm’s New ZIP Code Guide for the U.S.

Everyone wants to be smarter about how they use energy.  One great way to do that is with Microsoft Hohm, our online tool that helps consumers save energy and save money. In response to many requests from our community, we’re excited to announce the launch of Hohm ZIP code pages for every ZIP code (postal code) in the country—all  42,000+ of them. Today, we’re delighted to report that visitors to … Read more »

Weekend Reading for Feb 20/21: Windows Phone 7 Series called, and the world said…..

We’ve unveiled quite a few new products in recent months – Windows 7, Bing, and Natal to name a few. Monday, in Barcelona, we added another name to that list: Windows Phone 7 Series. At Mobile World Congress that day, Steve Ballmer, along with Andy Lees and Joe Belfiore gave reporters and others their first look at our new mobile phone operating system. And they had a lot to show. We … Read more »

MVPs Give Microsoft Reason to Listen

With the constantly growing and changing social Web, I get more and more excited each day about all the ways Microsoft leverages online properties to better engage with and listen to the technical community. The social web is fast changing the way we do business here at Microsoft. From online forums and blogs, to Facebook and Twitter, we draw on these sources to give us real-time insight into our customers’ … Read more »

The Browser Choice Screen for Europe

In December, the European Commission and Microsoft arrived at a resolution of a number of long-standing competition law issues. Microsoft made a legally binding commitment that PC manufacturers and users will continue to be able to install any browser on Windows, to make any browser the default browser, and to turn access to Internet Explorer on or off. In addition, Microsoft agreed to use Windows Update to provide a “web … Read more »

U.S., Europe Clear Search Deal with Yahoo!

Today Microsoft and Yahoo! announced that both the U.S. Dept. of Justice and the European Commission have given regulatory clearance to the search agreement announced in July. Now that the deal has been cleared without restrictions, both companies will work with advertisers, publishers and developers on a customized plan designed to make the transition as efficient and seamless as possible. There is more information in the Press Release Posted by … Read more »