Microsoft & Internet Freedom

Posted by Steve Ballmer Chief Executive Officer Over the last few weeks, there has been much said about issues of security, privacy, and censorship as it relates to the Internet in China and around the world.  I want to reinforce the comments made by Craig Mundie last week, in response to US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s important speech on Internet freedom.  Microsoft is committed to protecting and advancing free … Read more »

2010 Tech Trends; Microsoft CIO Shares Some Thoughts

Posted by Dominic Carr Director, Microsoft News Center. What’s going to be on the mind of CIO’s in 2010? January is the month for looking back at the successes and challenges of the year just gone, and for looking forward to the opportunities of the new year.  In our personal life, many of us are probably focused on getting fit, spending more time with family or learning a new skill.  But … Read more »

How One Industry is Adapting to Change

Posted by Dominic Carr Director, Microsoft News Center. James Burkhard Managing Director, CERA Global Oil Group. Craig Hodges General Manager, Manufacturing & Resources, Microsoft. Dominic Carr writes: Many industries are facing dramatic and accelerating change, whether because of new competition, changed stakeholder expectations or new technology. Many industries are also adapting to the expectations of the digital generation entering the workforce.  One industry facing such change is the oil and gas … Read more »

Internet Freedom

Posted by Dominic Carr Director, Microsoft News Center. US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton gave an important and interesting speech this morning on the subject of Internet freedom and privacy.  This is a vital discussion and one we think about a great deal at Microsoft.  We strongly support Secretary Clinton’s belief that technology can play a critical role in helping meet basic human goals related to access to information, communications, … Read more »

Bing: Advancing Search Privacy

Dominic Carr Director, Microsoft News Center Privacy online is an important issue facing everyone as we spend more of our life, and carry out more of our business, online.  Everyone needs to be able to have confidence that their privacy is being protected.  It is an issue Microsoft takes very seriously.  Today we announced an important change in our data retention policies for Bing users, as a result of our ongoing … Read more »

Supporting Relief Efforts in Haiti

Posted by Dominic Carr Director, Microsoft News Center. We’ve all been following the terrible news coming from Haiti.  Our thoughts are with everyone affected by the devastating earthquake.  Like many other companies and individuals we are doing what we can to help, in particular through our long-standing partnership with NetHope.  We have provided  an initial grant, mobilized our Disaster Response Team and are encouraging our employees to donate to aid … Read more »

The Recent Cyber Attacks

Posted by Mike Reavey Director, Microsoft Security Response Unfortunately cyber crime and cyber attacks are daily occurrences in the online world.  We condemn these attacks and the recent attacks against Google and other companies. Based on our investigations into these attacks, as well as the investigations of others, we recently became aware that a vulnerability in Internet Explorer appears to be one of several attack mechanisms that were used in … Read more »

The Power of Technology to Transform Government

Posted by Steve Ballmer Chief Executive Officer Later today, I’ll join about 50 CEOs from some of America’s most innovative companies at the White House for a forum on modernizing government hosted by President Obama and senior members of his administration. It’s an honor to be invited to participate. I’m encouraged by this forum. It’s another strong signal that leaders at the very highest level of the federal government recognize … Read more »