The employee experience at Microsoft: Aligning benefits to our culture

When I look at how rapidly the traditional workplace is changing, not just at Microsoft, but throughout business in general, I see a tremendous opportunity for companies to put a stake in the ground around what they believe in and what kind of culture they want to build together with employees. This is certainly the case with Microsoft, as we evolve our culture to one that embodies a growth mindset … Read more »

Helping military vets build new careers, applauding a hands-on young researcher and ‘connecting’ cows for healthier herds – Weekend Reading: August 21 edition

Helping military vets build new careers, applauding a hands-on young researcher and ‘connecting’ cows for healthier herds – Weekend Reading: August 21 edition

It may be August and prime vacation time, but it was a busy week of interesting news at Microsoft. Let’s get started. The #GiveThem20 challenge raises awareness of the need to help returning military veterans transition to fulfilling civilian careers. Chris Cortez, vice president of Microsoft Military Affairs, and other Microsoft employees recently rose to the challenge, which included 20 push-ups. It was part of an ongoing commitment to helping … Read more »

Another Ice Bucket Challenge answered, diagnosing disease with the cloud and Hackathon winner announced — Weekend Reading: August 14 Edition


Greetings weekend warriors. Step away from that barbecue! Or, at least sit down long enough to take in some inspirational and personal stories from the past week. Also, more to report on the Windows 10 front. … Read on! A Vancouver-based OneNote developer and his team have emerged victorious over more than 3,300 other projects and 13,000 other hackers around the world competing in Microsoft’s second annual //oneweek Hackathon during … Read more »

Microsoft Australia’s Pip Marlow talks feminism, ‘Mad Max’ and the path to a more equal workplace

Pip Marlow

It pleases me to say that I was the first person to tell Pip Marlow about the blockbuster film “Mad Max: Fury Road.” “I haven’t seen it, to be honest,” she said. “But I saw the original ‘Mad Max,’ years ago.” Presented with such an opportunity—to waste the time of the executive in charge of Microsoft’s overall business in Australia with a hardcore geek’s synopsis of a post-apocalyptic action movie—one … Read more »

Sneak peeks at new games, more Windows 10 perks and Kinect-powered music — Weekend Reading: Aug. 7 edition

gamescom image

August seems to have crept up on us, and its first week has brought some exciting news for gamers, Windows 10 users, music fans, Microsoft employees and plenty of others around the globe. We’ve rounded up the highlights for this latest edition of Weekend Reading. Microsoft made a splash at gamescom 2015, the world’s biggest interactive games and entertainment expo, by unveiling new footage for some highly anticipated games for … Read more »

Microsoft acquires FantasySalesTeam, an innovative sales gamification platform, to help organizations increase productivity

I’m excited to announce that Microsoft has acquired Incent Games Inc., the developer and owner of FantasySalesTeam, an innovative sales gamification platform that’s helped hundreds of companies boost sales productivity, drive revenue and improve CRM adoption through collaboration and team based competition. The benefits of this creative and popular feature will soon be available for our customers to help them incentivize their sales teams to new heights and better results. … Read more »

Satya Nadella crowns the 2015 Imagine Cup World Champions

Satya IC

For 13 years, Microsoft Imagine Cup has inspired and challenged student developers worldwide to master new skills, build strong teams and bring entire technology projects from concept to completion. As a company originally founded by students, Microsoft believes in the power of young people connecting with technology to dream big, build creatively and boldly bring their ideas to life. Through our Microsoft Imagine program, students of all ages and skill … Read more »

Microsoft’s Harry Shum discusses Hackathon and TalkEasy, which helps people with hearing impairment

Harry Shum discusses Hackathon project TalkEasy, which helps people with hearing impairment

Harry Shum, executive vice president of Microsoft’s Technology and Research Group, says the excitement at last year’s Hackathon inspired him to do his own hack this year. “I thought about what I want to hack on,” he says. “Very often, great products come from the things that people really care about.” For the 2015 Hackathon, he was inspired by his father, who is hard of hearing. Shum assembled a team … Read more »

Windows 10 launches, //oneweek Hackathon exercises innovation muscles and Microsoft Imagine Cup winners announced – Weekend Reading: July 31 edition

Windows 10

Welcome to a jam-packed edition of Weekend Reading, a recap of a very exciting, busy week at Microsoft. Let’s get started! Windows 10 launched worldwide across 190 countries as a free upgrade or with new PCs and tablets, complete with global fan celebrations and a new #UpgradeYourWorld initiative. “We are excited to bring Windows 10 and its many innovations to the world,” said Windows and Devices Group Corporate Vice President … Read more »

Kenya and the ‘nomadic’ Internet open up future of possibilities

Satya Nadella discusses Windows 10 with school children from Burguret Secondary School in Nanyuki, Kenya. Microsoft’s CEO traveled to the region to observe the impact of TV white spaces in rural communities.

Before affordable Internet access came to Nanyuki, a town of 30,000 nestled near Mount Kenya 125 miles north of Nairobi, Red Cross representative Anthony Kuria had to close the office and walk hours to the nearest hot spot to send an email. He’d often return to a line of waiting people who needed his help. Worse, when the inevitable fire or flood came and families became separated, snail mail and … Read more »

Need a reason to upgrade to Windows 10? Here’s 10 of them

From great apps to being able to game epically, there’s plenty to love about the new Windows – “the best Windows ever,” writes Yusuf Mehdi, corporate vice president, Windows and Devices Group. It has new innovations such as Cortana, the Microsoft Edge browser and Windows Hello, while being familiar and easy to use. On July 29, Windows 10 will be available across 190 countries as a free upgrade or with … Read more »